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GR Reborn

A Gravitation RPG

4/23/08 12:49 pm - panicked_sakano

Well, it's been forever since anyone's posted here, so I think we all know what that means.  But I'm going to go ahead and make it official.  The RPG is dead.  XD; It's officially over.  It's sad, but I think we had a pretty good run!  The original RPG started in 2005 I believe, so we've going for a few years, a lot longer than a lot of RPGs.  All the other Gravitation games that I joined at the same time as YGR all died within their first year. Also, I think we went exhausted every possibility for a Gravitation RPG, honestly.

I really enjoyed my time in YGR, and I'm happy that I made so many great friends that I still have today, even though we don't RPG together anymore.  We could be overly dramatic sometimes, but most of the time we just had a lot of fun.  Thanks for making the RPG great! :D  

If anyone ever wants to keep RPing with me, feel free to, we can always play free lance.  And you can continue any plots you have together, if you're still playing.  But what this post means is that I will no longer be moderating, and this journal will not be updated again, this is the last announcement.

11/22/07 08:17 pm - badluck_shindou

 A bunch of personal junk is happening right now, so I might be away for a bit. Yuki knows what's up, but please don't try to find out anymore than I tell you. I know my Yuki wont give away my secrets.

11/20/07 02:35 am - ask_kenchan - HAHA!

Song! lol. Posted in teh Ken-chan journal! If it sucks... I'm sorry. Remember, I also play Shuichi... He shares his zero talent with all characters I play. n.n lol.

11/9/07 12:09 am - tareme_taki - Hi! Change of AIM screename, please note.

I've changed my AIM SN to xopredilectionxo and I'm adding you all to my new friend list, so please know that it's me, Blinkie/Tachi-kun okay? ^_^

10/22/07 03:34 pm - euphoricgoddess - Hola

Okay, after much putting off and being lazy I finally made this journal.  I've been wanting to for several months but I was just to busy.  This is Ally btw.  Since I'm dropping a few of my people I'm bringing in Ryuuen's sister since I seem to play her more than other people.  So add her.

10/14/07 02:09 pm - inoue_kazuki - Dropping

Okay, I've thought about this for a long time but kept dragging my heels on the whole issue and because I felt bad about doing it, but I'm dropping Kazuki.

I have a hard time finding the motivation to post and I also tend to not keep up to date with the community. I can't seem to find anything interesting for him to do anymore. I more or less never do logs either. It's not right and it's unfair to Ma, Ken and Taki.

I've really enjoyed this game for the most part, enough so that I was willing to put up with the times when I didn't enjoy it. It was my first lj game and I'm never going to forget the experience, but it's time to move on.

In game wise, Kazuki's going home to Kobe due to medical issues in the family and some personal issues of his own, so yeah.

I'm really sorry to be doing this and I thank you all for everything.

10/12/07 07:31 pm - sparkle4meandu - [Temporary] Mod Post!

I was given permission by Sakano-san [Rita] to be a temp mod for this purpose:

The profile page is due to be updated soon, so we will need everyone's aim screenname/s and LJ journals that related to YGR. All sns and LJs that are no longer related to YGR will be DELETED from the profile page!

Domoarigato minna [Thank you very much everyone] for helping update the profile page!

[Temporary] Mod Ryuichi

EDIT: Okay, it seems that, in wanting to help, I stepped on a few toes. DDD ;<
I was only made Mod JUST LONG ENOUGH to make this post! For the actual convo, check out the LJ cut below.

I only wanted to help!Collapse )

I was bored, at work, and I suppose I offered to help, or I was designated, whatever. I do NOT want to be a mod, I have enough to do in my life right now! I was just helping, nothing more! I wouldn't have even said I was a mod if I wasn't sure that everyone would pay attention to this post!
Sad-sad Ryuichi

9/25/07 10:43 pm - ygr_secrets - Tohma's office

When Tohma comes into work, he finds another jarfull of his favorite alcohol-flavored gummi bears, a note and a pile of 10 master CDs of Ryuichi's voice singing the new songs for 'My Tenshi,' ready to have music tracks laid with them.

The note reads: 'I'm sorry Tohma. But he has to make this choice on his own. Don't forget me, okay? Ryuichi'

9/21/07 10:38 am - ask_kenchan

 I'm off today! I'll be online for most of the day, willing and ready to play Shu, Ken, or Kita! If you're online and bored... IM ME! lol. Just wanted to let you all know. :)

9/19/07 12:11 am - badluck_shindou - Wal-Mart!

Yes, the job of doom has pulled me in once again. I'm working at Wal-mart now. So please dont be afraid to catch me when I'm online to play for a bit! I'm always up for playing. Talk to you all soon.

Peace, love, and lots and lots of kisses! :)

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